Think Different, Mac OS up, hacked hackers, Oscar winners, Airfoil, Acer monitor

Apple renews its ‘Think Different’ trademark — Don’t look for new versions of the iconic Think Different ads, but Apple has renewed its trademark for the slogan for the first time since 2009 with a new European Patent and Trademark Office filing.

NetMarketShare: OS X up in February — According to the latest market share survey from NetMarketShare, the market share for Mac OS X rose in February, but that of iOS dipped.

Hacked hackers back with recycled Mac malware — After getting hacked itself last year, HackingTeam is back with new malware for Mac, although it doesn’t seem to pose any serious threat. The group tried to make a name for itself by developing and selling Mac malware with little success, and its latest attempt seems to be little more than recycled code that was leaked when their servers were breached.

Apple Gathers Oscar Winners and nominees on iTunes — Apple has gathered together Sunday’s Oscar winners and nominees on the iTunes Store, but so far this only seems to be working in the US.

10 Mac games — Another Macworld slideshow.

Airfoil 5 audio utility pumps up the volume with Bluetooth support, Airfoil Satellite, and more — Airfoil 5 is a digital ventriloquist that lets you throw your computer’s “voice.”

The Acer H277HU is the best monitor for use with a MacBook — If a teeny laptop is your main machine, you could consider investing in the Acer H277HU display so you can use the MacBook as a “desktop” system when needed.

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