Futurology ~ 5D Black Hole, bigger Milky Way, mini satellites, Planet 9, bullied robot, ship laser, low-power wifi, modular smartphone


Five-dimensional Black Hole could ‘break’ General Relativity’ — Researchers from the University of Cambridge and Queen Mary University of London have successfully simulated a black hole shaped like a very thin ring, which gives rise to a series of ‘bulges’ connected by strings that become thinner over time. Ring-shaped black holes were ‘discovered’ by theoretical physicists in 2002, but this is the first time their dynamics have been successfully simulated using supercomputers. Should this type of black hole form, it would lead to the appearance of a ‘naked singularity’, which would cause the equations behind general relativity to break down.
~ And so we welcome Admiral Scientific Confusion. 

A bigger Milky Way picture — APEX telescope has given us something even more complete: a map of the galaxy that covers four times the area of its previous best.
~ Are cows rejoicing?

Self-directed little satellites — Nanosatellites, small satellites with sizes ranging from a shoe box to a small suitcase, are popular because they are cheap and can piggyback onto other space missions. NASA is now preparing to launch in orbit around Mars two CubeSats. The satellites should be equipped with autonomous fault correction, something already available in certain drones or autonomous driverless cars, argues Hakan Kayal, a researcher at the University of Würzburg in Germany.
~ ‘CubeSat, please send telemetry for NASA mission.’ ‘Sorry, we’re on a break.’

Cassini directed to search for Planet 9 — Saturn’s Cassini probe is nearing the end of its mission, but that doesn’t mean it’s no longer useful. In fact, astronomers have found a totally new purpose for the plucky little space probe and its vast trove of data: searching for the elusive Planet 9.
~ Here’s a clue: look for it after Planet 8. 


Man bullies robot — Boston Dynamics has a new video showing off the latest version of Atlas, the humanoid robot. And it’s pretty incredible: the most striking thing about this new version is the amazing balance Atlas achieves as the bully tries to knock it down.
~ I wouldn’t like to be that bully in a couple of years. Take that, Bono-Hipster-Bully!

High-energy laser mounted and tested on German warship — Rheinmetall and the German armed forces have completed a recent test of their high-energy laser effector on a German warship. During the test, a 10-kilowatt high-energy laser, or HEL, was mounted on a MLG 27 light naval gun. The HEL was then used to track potential targets.
~ Smaller, more powerful drone-like missiles are harder to track. 

Low-power wifi breakthrough — The biggest downside of wifi for most users might be that it can really drain your smartphone or tablet battery, but a research team at the University of Washington has come up with a way to make using the nearly ubiquitous wireless technology in a less taxing way. This information has been released as a PDF.
~ More efficient wifi, oh yeah. 

World’s first modular smartphone — Out before the much anticipated Google Modular Phone Project ARA, is a new phone from Fairphone: the Fairphone 2, claimed to be the the world’s first real modular phone. Fairphone is more than just a phone manufacturer – it’s a social justice movement to raise awareness about conflict minerals in consumer electronics and the wars that the mining of these minerals is fueling in the DR Congo. The Fairphone 2 build consists of 5-inch Full HD LCD screen, Android 5.1 Lollipop, Dual SIM, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Qualcomm quad core processor.
~ Laudable. Shame about the OS. 


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