iPhone 7 shielding rumour, Elgato home automation plug

(Image from Elgato's Eve Energy page.)
(Image from Elgato’s Eve Energy page)

Rumour reckons iPhone 7 to take advantage of single-chip EMI shielding — Rumours about ‘iPhone 7’ abound these days, and the latest via ETNews says Apple is planning to utilise single-chip electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding to a larger degree in the upcoming smartphone than in previous models. In previous iPhone models, Apple has used shielding for large portions of the circuit board with just a few individual chips having their own shielding. The iPhone 7 will allegedly use more single-chip shielding to reduce interference from and between wireless LAN, Bluetooth, and cellular RF chips.

Elgato introduces Siri-powered home automation with Eve Energy smart plug — Although HomeKit-compatible products are still few and far between, Elgato has been making strides introducing products for the connected home that work in Apple’s framework and allow control of devices through Siri. Today, Elgato announced Eve Energy (US$49.95), a new controlled plug that not only allows users to control electric appliances with a tap or voice command through Siri, but also tells you exactly how much energy is being used. [Since Elgato products are vended here by Ingram Micro, it may make it to the NZ market, but at the moment it looks like it’s only in US and European configurations.]


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