Thunderbolt dock with everything , developers caught out, Irish plans, Winslet Jobs’ gong, ControlAir, Picassa shutting down


Echo 15+ Thunderbolt 2 Dock offers everything-and-the-kitchen-sink connectivity for your Mac — If you’re a Mac user needing (or wanting) extreme flexibility when it comes to connecting accessories and peripherals, you need to give Sonnet Technologies’ Echo 15+ Thunderbolt 2 Dock a serious look. With prices starting at US$470, it’s not a casual buy, but this 16-port docking station for computers with Thunderbolt ports is worth the money. [This will be available in New Zealand via MacSense.]

Some developers caught unprepared for Apple WWDR certificate update — Despite advance warning from Apple, some developers were taken by surprise after the company’s previous Worldwide Developer Relations (WWDR) Intermediate Certificate expired on Sunday, preventing approval for apps and services.
Without the updated certificate, developers can’t provide Apple Wallet passes, deliver Safari push notifications, or create approved Safari extensions, Apple explained. The code is also essential for App Store purchase receipts, and developers submitting new apps for review must have the latest certificate. Apps already in the wild will continue to work using the old one.

Government-funding planning board wants more info on Apple’s planned Irish data centre — An Bord Pleanál, a government-funded planning body in Ireland wants Apple to provide a lot more information about its proposed Irish data center, according to documents obtained by Business Insider.

Kate Winslet wins BAFTA for her role in Steve Jobs — It’s beginning to look as if actress Kate Winslet may go for the hat trick after winning her second major award for her role as Apple/NeXT marketing executive Joanna Hoffman in the movie Steve Jobs. Last night in England, Winslet snagged Best Supporting Actress BAFTA, her second win after grabbing a Golden Globe for the same role on January 10, 2016.

ControlAir offers touch-free control to your Mac’s media apps — ControlAir, a free app for Mac OS X (10.10 or later) and available at the Mac App Store provides touch-free control over your media and entertainment apps. It takes about 10 seconds to learn how to use it. And it works seamlessly up to two metres away from your Mac, via the built-in Mac camera (so not for Mac mini!). It can control iTunes, QuickTime Player, Rdio, Spotify, VLC, VOX and Gear for Google Play and YouTube.

Google Shutting Down Picasa Photo Management Service — The handful of people who still knew Picasa was a thing can scratch that one off their list because Google is shutting it down. The Web-based photo and video management tool will phase out over the next few months so Google can throw more resources into Google Photos.