Apple’s vision, Sparkle vulnerability, 1Password 6, MorphVOX Mac, Google banning Flash

Dog Translater, anyone? MorphVOX is a voice-changer for Mac.
Dog Translater, anyone? MorphVOX is a voice-changer for Mac.

Apple’s Vision is Plain for (Most) Everyone to See — Scott Galloway, in a fascinating and informative presentation, asserts that it’s fairly easy to grasp the basic message of Amazon, Facebook and Google. (Starting at 13m:25s.) But when it comes to Apple, the argument is that Tim Cook, the superb operator, isn’t a good storyteller. Worse, he says “What is Apple’s mission? They don’t have one that they can articulate.” John Martellero disagrees. [And this criticism is old news, going back decades, as far as Apple is concerned.]

Sparkle vulnerability leaves some Mac apps susceptible to attacks — Camtasia, uTorrent, and other Mac apps are susceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks that install malicious code, thanks to a vulnerability in Sparkle, reports Ars Technica. Sparkle is open source software available under the permissive MIT license, and is developed on GitHub by the Sparkle Project with the help of dozens of valued contributors. It uses ARC and Auto Layout and supports OS X versions 10.7 through 10.11 and Xcode 5.0 through 7.0.

1Password 6 for Mac review: Enterprise features and lots of small improvements — AgileBits’ 1Password (NZ$75 in the NZ Mac App Store) is perhaps one of the most venerable members of this family of programs, and one that, with its newest version 6.0 release, aims to retain its position as the leader of the pack.

MorphVOX Mac is kinda useful, but it’s really fun — Screaming Bee’s MorphVOX Mac certainly has some useful functions. But you’ll probably like it cause it’s so fun. MorphVOX Mac is a voice-changing product that runs on Mac OS X 10.6.8 and later. It’s designed to offer voice modification for online games, instant messaging, and the multimedia studio. It works with, among other games, World of Warcraft, Second Life and EVE Online (it costs US$39.95; there’s a free demo available).

Google to ban Adobe Flash-based display ads, go 100% HTML5 — Google’s massive AdWords network will no longer accept new display ads made in Adobe Flash as of June 30, the search giant announced this week, as it works to phase out the much maligned Internet plugin. [Yet another nail in the Flash coffin.]


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