Error 53, Skier vid, Zodiac: Organon Odyssey, iPhone 6 popularity

My own attempt at a ski video was not so successful
My own attempt at a ski video was not so successful

Apple acknowledges ‘Error 53’ glitch, says it’s part of Touch ID security — Apple on Friday publicly acknowledged an unusual “Error 53” message, triggered by updating an iPhone 6 to iOS 9 or later after having the phone’s Touch ID sensor fixed by an unofficial technician.

Skier’s iPhone video experiment produces spectacular results…without a drone — At this point in time, one of the Holy Grails of action videography is the ability to have a drone follow a subject like a skier or bicyclist while panning around the subject. Skier Nicolas Vuignier spent almost two years coming up with his own method of getting those follow-along action videos without using a drone – in fact, he just used an iPhone 6 and what appears to be a handmade rig that lets him whip the phone around his head while using centrifugal force to keep the camera pointed at him.

Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey is the best new Japanese RPG in the App Store — It’s gorgeous and you get to ride a flying sabre-tooth tiger—what’s not to love? It costs NZ$7.49.

Mixpanel numbers show that iPhone 6 and newer models make up the lion’s share of iPhones in use — For developers who are trying to make best use of the powerful features built into the most recent models of iPhone, it’s important to know just how many of those devices are in the wild. Mixpanel recently released some information showing that the iPhone 6 models (iPhone 6/6s/6 Plus/6s Plus) make up 61.41% of all of the iPhones in use.