Review ~ OPSM Anti-Fatigue eyeglasses


These glasses designed for heavy computer/device users have lenses optimised to relieve visual fatigue symptoms from long hours of computer use. These symptoms might include headaches, eye strain and blurred vision.
The lenses use several features to achieve this: a slight power variation of +0.6D to relieve eye strain and provide more comfort from sustained looking at a fixed distance, and optimised digital surfacing to help give clear and accurate vision across every point of the lens. This is designed to let the eye move and read effortlessly from the screen to the keyboard to the desk.
It also a blue-light lens coating called Crizal Prevencia. This anti-reflective coating can help reduce digital eye-strain, and you can see this as a purple cast but not if you’re wearing the glasses; wearing them, the affect is so subtle as to be barely noticeable, although OPSM notes that this should be kept in mind for colour-critical applications.

Fitting — Unlike traditional progressive lenses, these are designed specifically for computer users in office environments to offer a larger computer vision zone, allowing the user to comfortably work for extended periods of time. This can be combined with a far vision element to assist with all-round office use where the user is not only requiring lenses at their desk.
OPSM runs a full and very comprehensive eye check before discussing whether these would suit you, or whether the ‘Extended Focus Reader’ might be better for your situation. I found this eye check (in my case at OPSM Remuera) both informative and detailed – I have developed bad near vision as I have aged, having had 20/20 vision until my mid 40s.


The Office All Rounder version also has the optimised digital surfacing but its fields of vision are wider to offer natural head posture for a better visual and physical comfort on screen than a standard progressive; the zones and distances are also worked out during your eye check. OPSM will assess your needs and advise what might suit you best accordingly, the company also has a helpful site to help you figure out how better to deal with eye strain in computer and device environments.

Wearing them — In use I find it a bit of a mind-shift when I first put these glasses on, as the magnify slightly and I have become very used to the progressive lenses of the glasses I have from my usual optician, Harrison and Graham of Three Lamps, Ponsonby. The H&G glasses also allow me to see clearly into the distance, whereas the Extended Focus Readers OPSM recommended for me don’t have the distance function.
The magnification (that +0.6D) means that when I first put them on, my brain has to adjust. But within a minute or two I get completely used to the Crizal Prevencia-coated lenses and for extended sessions in front of my two-screen Mac setup. With my iPad and iPhone at hand, I find these both comfortable and crisp, and definitely not tiring.
The lenses can be fitted to a variety of frames to suit your taste. I also find them better for viewing things that need a slight magnification – even the tiny grey script on some Apple devices.

OPSM Anti-Fatigue eyeglasses, upwards of NZ$400 depending on requirements, frames etc.

More information — OPSM branches around New Zealand, read more about the anti-fatigue glasses at OPSM.

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