20 more Flyovers, Alphabet passes Apple, forthcoming Mac games, FolderGlance, bettering passwords, consolidating Photos libraries, jury says pay, 50% off Disk Aid


Apple adds 20 Flyover cities, new Traffic and Nearby data to Maps — As part of Apple’s continued Maps buildout effort, the company has just added more 3D Flyovers, traffic and point of interest data to its in-house mapping solution, including popular locales like the Virgin Islands and Taiwan. 3D Flyover feature is now available in 240 areas around the world.
RennesTo use it, open Maps on your Mac, put it into Satellite view at top right, put in a supported location like ‘Rennes, France’ or ‘Dunedin, New Zealand’ and press Enter, and the ‘3D Flyover Tour of __’ appears at bottom centre. Click that … [You may have to wait for an OS update before the extra locations get added to your Maps app to get the latest locations, but Auckland, wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin should already be there.]

Why Google/Alphabet is worth more than Apple — Google, or rather the new parent company called Alphabet, overtook Apple Inc. to become the world’s most valuable corporation Tuesday. The two companies switched places after Alphabet jumped on its December quarterly earnings report, helped by a decline in Apple’s shares. It’s all about growth.

Mac games coming — Here’s a Mac Gamer HQ calendar for 2016.

FolderGlance for Mac OS X — Even though Mac OS X has its own LaunchPad app and other goodies, Yellow Lemon Software’s FolderGlance, a utility for browsing files and folders, is still a solid addition to your Mac’s software arsenal. With version 3.0.5, alias handling on older Mac OS X releases has been improved.

How to make bad passwords better, and more hope for the future of authentication — We know passwords are a pain. We’re not expecting miracles. But Macworld can give you some tips.

How to consolidate iPhoto libraries — If you find you have several Photos libraries (and/or even an old iPhoto Library or two), you can select among iPhoto libraries by holding down the Option key when launching.
If you find that you have material in each library you want to merge, instead of multiple copies of the same library or empty libraries, you can consolidate them.

A Texas jury says Apple must pay VirnetX $626 million for patent infringement — An Eastern District of Texas jury has decided Apple must pay $626 million for infringing four patents held by VirnetX, a Nevada-based patent licensing company, according to Macworld. [Kickstarter to help Apple out, anyone? – Lol.]

Disk Aid half price — The Mac drive-cleaning, optimisation and protection tool is currently on 50% sale.


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