OS X up, finding Network Utility, Safe Harbor, disentangling iTunes accounts

(Image from Apple's NZ Mac page.)
(Image from Apple’s NZ Mac page.)

NetMarketShare: OS X up in January — According to the report, among desktop operating systems, Mac OS X had 7.68% of the global market share in January compared to 7.02% percent in December (that’s global market share; in the US it’s over 13%). October 2015’s 8% was an an all-time high by NetMarketShare’s measurements. Windows remains dominant with 90.61% as of January, but that’s down from 91.32% in December. However, iOS dropped a little.

Finding Network Utility in OS X El Capitan — The path is now Macintosh HD > System>Library>Core Services>Applications Network Utility.
There’s an easier way to launch it, though. Select ‘About This Mac…’ from the Apple menu, then click on the System Report button in the window that appears. The System Information tool opens; select Window>Network Utility from the menu bar. Now you can ping, lookup, traceroute, whois and finger addresses as much as you’d like.

US & Europe miss deadline for new ‘Safe Harbor’ agreement on overseas data transfers — In spite of late-hour talks, US and European officials missed a deadline on Sunday to renegotiate a ‘Safe Harbor’ agreement allowing companies like Apple and Google to shuttle data back and forth across the Atlantic. How data might be protected from U.S. surveillance is reportedly a major obstacle in the negotiations, as is how Europeans might be able to seek justice in American courts.

Disentangling iTunes accounts — Glenn Fleishman explains.


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