Lower App prices, Smartphone saturation, iPad Pro, Forecast Bar adds weather forecasts

The cheapest apps in the NZ App Store can now be 99¢
The cheapest apps in the NZ App Store can now be 99¢

Apple enables lower App Store price tiers in New Zealand — Apple has announced two new App Store price tiers for iOS developers selling wares in New Zealand (and Canada), enabling lower digital content costs for consumers and flexibility for app makers. Developers can get more information on App Store pricing in the Pricing and Availability section of My Apps on iTunes Connect.

A smartphone was shipped for 1 of every 5 people alive in 2015 — Manufacturers shipped nearly 1.5 billion smartphones to the world’s 7.4 billion inhabitants in 2015 as consumers opted to replace older devices with newer LTE-equipped models or those with larger displays.

iPad Pro gains a Mac-like capability in iOS 9.3 beta 2: updating accessory firmware — Although the staff at Apple World Today has varying opinions about the ability of the iPad Pro to serve as a “MacBook replacement” (and here’s the Mac Observer’s take on this), “we agree on one thing – the device can perform a lot of the same functions of a Mac.” Now 9to5Mac is reporting that German developer Stefan Wolfrum discovered a new Mac-like capability for the iPad Pro – being able to update the firmware of devices attached to the Smart Connector.

How does Photos manage media on an iOS device? If you’re using iCloud Photo Library, you can set synchronization such that Photos in iOS and OS X only caches thumbnail previews of images. (In iOS: Settings > Photos & Camera and set Optimize iPhone/iPad Storage. In Photos for OS X: Preferences > iCloud, and set Optimize Mac Storage.)

Forecast Bar review: iOS version of Mac weather app is a breath of fresh air — Forecast Bar may be the most inevitable app ever created for the iPhone. When it launched last year for the Mac, it brought the flavour of iOS to OS X, putting a sleek weather forecast in your menu bar (hence the name). Real Casual Games has now released a version of Forecast Bar in the App Store for iOS (NZ$2.99).


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