Trump dump, death and passwords, beware Phish, cool iMac patent, Screenium screen recorder

(Image from Apple Inc)
(Image from Apple Inc)

Trump plans to force Apple to manufacture in the US — Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump unveiled a new plan should he win the election: make Apple to move all product manufacturing into the United States. Trump shared his ‘idea’ during a Martin Luther King Junior Day speech at Liberty University on Monday. So much for the capitalist spirit[And hello, massive price rises …]

Death and Passwords: make a plan before you’re gone — When we die whatever is tucked away in our brains goes with us, including passwords for our online accounts. One woman learned that the hard way after her husband passed away and she tried to get the password from Apple for his Apple ID. The big lesson here: plan ahead so there’s a way for trusted people to get at your important passwords when you’re gone. (And here are the worst passwords of 2015.)

Beware phishing scam that looks like real apple email — Bryan Chaffin received “the best looking phishing email I’ve seen in a long time, if not ever, and wanted to make folks aware of it. While it looks like it could be from Apple, including legitimate links to Apple’s Support site and online forums, the link to “My Apple ID” is to, not an Apple URL, and I don’t recommend loading it in a browser.” [Always check the From email address!]

Apple granted patent for the iMac’s cooling system — Apple has been granted a patent (number 9,239,598) by the US Patent & Trademark Office for the cooling system in the iMac. Dubbed “thermal architecture,” it’s for an apparatus for cooling a unibody computing device with obscured inlet and outlet vents.

Screenium is a full-featured OS X screen recorder that’s even better with version 3.1 — This screen recording tool for Mac OS X is even better with the new version 3.1, which lets you record from iOS and tvOS devices.
With the user-friendly Screenium you can record at 60 frames per second. This allows you to “grab” some nice screen recordings for tutorials, websites, and more. If you work with an ultra-high resolution 4K or 5K display or a Retina Mac, Screenium creates the smoothest video quality possible for these types of devices. It also packs a versatile video editor that makes it easy to process your footage.

Slow progress to diversity — Apple’s 2015 EEO-1 report shows slow progress toward workplace diversity. Apple has quietly released its latest EEO-1 Federal Employer Information Report tallying employment diversity information through Aug. 1, 2015, revealing raw numbers that, while a slight improvement year over year, are incongruent with statements the company made last year.


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