Dreamscope art app, News readers underestimated


Dreamscope turns pictures into ‘art’ —  If you want a photo to look more like a painting by Picasso, Van Gogh, Cezanne, Duchamp or in the style of Edvard Munch’s The Scream, there’s an app for that: Dreamscope (free, universal) can apply any one of a huge number of filters to your favourite image to give it a different look.
The caveat is that you need a free online login and signup as the processing seems to be done on a site. Dreamscope uploads your image and choice of filter to an online service where it is manipulated for about three minutes. That image is then available not only to you, but to everyone else who is using the app. Your personal image manipulations are saved in “My Image Stream” but are also made available to the world as a whole. As a result, you might want to really think about what pictures you send to Dreamscope… also, that means you can’t see what the filter does until the image is posted.

Apple has been underestimating the number of News readers — Apple’s News app has attracted more than 100 publishing partners worldwide since launching last September, but neither media companies nor Apple know how many people are reading, according to The Wall Street Journal.