Car domains, Cook and terrorists, battery health, USB-C, Mexican Apple Store, iTunes and Safari anniversaries, facial expressions


Apple registers, and domain names — Whether related to CarPlay or the heavily rumoured Apple Car, Apple this week registered a trio of automotive-focused domain names, in a move that will surely fuel further speculation about ‘Project Titan.’

Cook, tech execs to meet with White House on terrorists’ use of social media — Apple CEO Tim Cook and a host of tech industry executives meet with White House officials to explore ways in which terrorist activity on social media and other online arenas can be hindered or countered.

Checking your Mac’s battery health — Recent versions of the Mac’s operating system will let you see how your laptop battery is doing. To check yours out, hold down Option and click on the battery icon in your menu bar.

9 new, cool USB-C Devices shown at CES — Accessory makers have kept their USB-C powder dry until CES and have announced a flurry of new devices. Here’s a visual roundup of many of the notable USB-C devices seen this week. The spectrum ranges from simple cable adapters to hubs, displays and storage.

Apple confirms first Mexican Apple Store, opens job applications — Confirming a recent AppleInsider report, Apple on Friday announced its first Mexican Apple Store will be an in-mall outlet in Mexico City for which the company is now accepting online job applications.

15 years of iTunes: a look at Apple’s media app and its influence on an industry — In January 2001, Steve Jobs introduced iTunes and forever changed the way we buy and consume media. It’s the most important app that Apple has ever created. And we’ve had 13 years of Safari, too.

Apple buys company whose technology analyzes facial expressions — According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple has acquired Emotient Inc., a startup that uses artificial-intelligence technology to read people’s emotions by analyzing facial expressions. The article doesn’t say how much was paid for the buy-out, but it would mark Apple’s first (known) acquisition of 2016.