Predictions for 2016, solar, Whink notes, Mac Media Server with Plex


Dennis Sellers’  Apple-related predictions for 2016: Macs, OS X — The iMac will, of course, be revved with faster Skylake processors and get updated graphics (sorry, but no 8K display). I don’t expect the basic design to change (can Apple make it any thinner?). iMacs will continue to ship with either Fusion or flash drives. However, expect this to be the final year for the former. In 2017, all Macs will come only in flash drive models. I also think we’ll see Lightning and USB-C connectivity come to the all-in-one.
And there’s more… he covers wireless charging, WiFi, the Mac Pro and more.

Apple & Foxconn consuming 30-40% of Tainergy’s growing solar cell production — Apple’s effort to convert suppliers over to renewable energy is resulting in it, along with partner Foxconn, consuming 30 to 40% of Tainergy Tech’s solar cell production in China, according to Tainergy president Kevin Hsieh.

Whink review: full-featured, easy to use writing app hits all the right notes — Whink is a note-taking app equally proficient at handwriting and typing. The universal app features fast, automatic backup and sync via iCloud, so notebook content is available from whatever iOS device you happen to be using at the moment.

Turn a Mac mini into a media server with Plex — If you have a large media collection, you may want to use a Mac as a dedicated device to run Plex. And the Mac mini is a perfect device for Plex.