Star Wars, Adobe Post, SkySafari, iTunes backup, not charging


Apple Music adds Star Wars Radio Station ahead of The Force — Apple Music added a Star Wars station to its online radio lineup on Wednesday that’s loaded with music from the movies interspersed with sound effects like blasters and Darth Vader’s respirator between tracks. It’s great music, and so far has been spoiler-free.

Adobe Post creates social media graphics in seconds — Do you ever think about design when you’re sending a tweet or posting on Facebook? You might start doing just that if Adobe Post (free with in-app purchases) catches on. The new app makes it a snap to create eye-catching graphics on the iPhone by remixing professional designs with your photos and text.

Simulation Curriculum’s SkySafari 5 for iOS has impressive new features — SkySafari is an excellent sky simulation and charting app for iOS. With it, you can view the sky at any date and time, identify objects in the sky, read about celestial objects, learn the constellations and even control an amateur telescope. On December 15, SkySafari 5 Pro was released, with Basic and Plus versions to follow soon. The suite of apps has an impressive list of new features.

How to make an iTunes backup of your iOS device — If you have an iCloud account, your iPhone and iPads back-up their contents there. However, to be doubly safe, you should make an iTunes backup of your device on your Mac. Here’s how.

Pull your iPhone from your pocket, now it won’t charge, here’s why — Have you ever plugged your iPhone into the charger and found, to your dismay, no reassuring “doink” and lighting bolt indicator in the top right menu bar? A trip to the Apple store may not be necessary if a rather amusing thing has happened. John Martellero might have a quick fix (in a word: lint).

Away — Sorry, there will be no updates for a few days as I’m blatting off for a quick pre-Christmas break. I will create a MagBytes between Christmas and New Year. I hope you have a good holiday season. Stay safe!