Cook on the Smart Case hump, Tumblr Live Photos, Don’t Starve, StormBorn, medical apps

iphone6s_smart_caseTim Cook Says the ‘Hump’ Makes Apple’s Smart Case Easier to Put on — Apple CEO Tim Cook said there’s a good reason the company’s new iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case has a hump on the back.
Cook said the design with a battery that doesn’t go edge-to-edge makes it easier to put the case on (and take it off) your iPhone.

Tumblr for iOS gets Live Photos & 3D Touch — Tumblr has released a major update of its iOS app, including support for the advanced features of the iPhone 6s.

Dark survival game Don’t Starve is a hit on iOS, thanks to its new-ish Pocket Edition — This whimsical PC game delights on the small screen thanks to its Tim Burton-esque artwork and challenging gameplay. It costs NZ$6.49.

StormBorn brings combat, deck-building, and MMO strategy to life — StormBorn (free with in-app purchases) from JuiceBox Games combines combat, deck-building and freemium MMO strategy into a nice-looking and playable game. It’s a rather odd mix of fast fights offset by the long wait for buildings to produce resources. Some will love it while others will lose patience quickly. Here’s our look at StormBorn.

iOS has 55 % of the medical app market in terms of dollars — Apple’s iOS platform is the highest performing among its competitors with about 55% of the medical app market in terms of dollars for 2015, according to Kalorama Information.


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