Beatles film, happy Apple, Music and Match increase limits, Dropbox shut-downs


The Beatles’ 1+ long form video (supposedly) available on iTunes — After The Beatles stopped touring, and because traveling around the globe to promote new releases was impossible, the band increasingly made what could be described as “mini movies.” Available now on The iTunes Store for US$26.99 The Beatles 1+ longform video presents the sight and sound of the Fab Four with restored promo films and videos. It’s supposed to be a worldwide release but was not supported in New Zealand when I tried it this morning at this link.

Apple has happy employees (but not the happiest) — CareerBliss has announced the sixth annual ‘CareerBliss 50 Happiest Companies in America’ for 2016. Apparently, Apple employees are happy – but not the happiest.

iTunes Match, iCloud Music Library track limits finally increase to 100,000 — For years, those who have large libraries of ripped CD tracks have found that they can only add 25,000 of those tracks to their iTunes Match and iCloud Music Library libraries. Kirk McElhearn reported on his Kirkville blog that Apple has increased the number to 100,000 tracks.

IBM’s Swift Sandbox — IBM has rolled out a super cool tool called IBM Swift Sandbox, a development environment for Apple’s newly opensourced Swift programming language that runs right in your browser.

Dropbox to shut down Mailbox and Carousel in early 2016 — With a new focus on collaboration, cloud storage provider Dropbox has announced it will be shutting down two apps in the very near future – photo cloud app Carousel and email app Mailbox. Mailbox will be shutting down effective February 26, 2016, while Carousel dies an untimely death on March 31, 2016.

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