iMac HDMI, Apple R&D, 2016 MacBook Air, hardware RAID


Why doesn’t the iMac have an HDMI connector? Thunderbolt and USB ports are nice. However, HDMI is getting smaller even as it gets bigger. HDMI is an interface for audiovisual equipment such as high-definition television and home theater systems. It’s able to carry a bandwidth of 5Gbps (gigabits per second), which is purportedly more than twice the bandwidth needed to transmit multi-channel audio and video. HDMI provides an uncompressed, all-digital signal. (OSX Daily tells you how to connect an GDMI display to an iMac.)

Apple R&D spending is a fraction of other major American tech companies — Apple spent just 3.5% — $8.1 billion — of its 2015 revenues on research and development, proportionately far less than peers like Google and Facebook in the American tech landscape.

Dennis Sellers’ crystal ball: what to expect in the revamped MacBook Air, MacBook Pro line-ups — In a report noted by AppleInsider, Taiwan-based Economic Daily News claims Apple is working on an all-new MacBook Air series that will debut at next summer’s Worldwide Developer Conference. I think they’re right, but that some of the details are wrong.

Considering a hardware RAID? What you need to know — A hardware RAID can be pricey but helps prevent data loss and improves performance.