12-coreGPU in Pro, Product(Red iPhone case, Android trial, Apple Watch sales

Chipworks12Chipworks finds 12-cluster GPU, dual-core CPU in the iPad Pro A9X — An X-ray of the latest Apple system-on-chip from Chipworks always seems to follow the teardown of the latest devices by iFixit. Chipworks shared its latest X-ray with The Motley Fool, and found that the A9X features a dual-core CPU and a 12 GPU clusters.
The SoC that Chipworks scanned was found to have been built by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, although it’s unknown if that company is a sole-source supplier for the A9X.
What makes the GPU design so fascinating is that Apple uses the Imagination Technologies Series 7XT GPU, and that graphics partner only offers its technology in clusters of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 16.
That means that the A9X features a semi-custom design for Apple.

Apple’s leather cases for iPhone 6s, 6s Plus now shipping in new (Product)Red versions — Apple has launched (Product)Red options for its official leather cases for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, channeling a portion of the proceeds towards charity.

Macworld contributor tries Android — It took less than 72 hours to wipe away eight years of memories. Part of it was the allure of the younger Nexus 6P, but it wasn’t just a newness thing; for a fleeting moment it was as if iOS and Siri didn’t exist. My once-beloved iPhone 6 sat on my nightstand, slowly draining its charge, with a persistent “No SIM card installed” message as if begging for my attention. [This story concludes “…once my crush wore off I was able to see just how dependable and reliable iOS is.”]

Apple Watch sales could total 12 million for 2015 — On the all-important Black Friday shopping day on November 27, analyst Daniel Ives of FBR & Co. checked with a number of Apple retail stores and based on his estimates, Ives believes that Apple could end up selling 6 million Apple Watches in the quarter ending December 31, 2015.