MagBytes 70

Issue 70 looks like this ...
Issue 70 looks like this … handy, right?

Goodness, 70 issues already. This one has a much larger Shiny&New section with some gift ideas. I know I want all of them, anyway. (All the best for the New Year, holidays etc in case I don’t manage to get a December issue out. Counter to accepted wisdom, I think New Zealand’s in for a stonking summer.

An editor of a magazine once told me that he didn’t use exclamation marks as ‘only bad writers used them’ … I replied ‘You should use them liberally, then.’

As always, feedback and suggestions always welcome.

Here it is – download it from the link below (click on the link, arrowed, to view in your browser, or right-click/Control click to download the PDF to your device

—>) MagBytes Issue 70 Nov 2015
(for iPad users, hold your finger on the link for a few seconds for download options.)

17 thoughts on “MagBytes 70”

  1. Come on guys. Obviously the link in the email would not work with the last few letters not highlighted – hey it happens, but how hard is it to highlight the whole link and paste it into your fav browser. Sheesh – give the guy a break. One tiny error and all this noise – work it out, people or go home. No wait, you did work it out coz you made it to this page – and you are still grumbling. Pleeease.


  2. The link to the actual mag doesn’t work on either of those pages. Sad crying, and missing MagBytes 70….


  3. Mark–Link is not active, no hyperlink where you have: (click on that—>) Issue70Nov15 on web page. Your suggested alternatives always take me back to the same page with same inactive, plain text click here link. Tried Safari and Chrome without success.


  4. Hi Mark. When I try and place my cursor over the ‘click here” to open
    # 70 it changes shape and nothing happens. Don’t usually have any trouble.
    Looking forward to reading the latest news.



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