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Gifts, toys, bots and droids
Gifts, toys, bots and droids (above: Sphere BB-8)

Apple Pencil review: much sharper than the average smart stylus — Apple’s pressure-sensitive Pencil is a home run, exhibiting remarkable performance on the new iPad Pro, but that should not come as a shock: the two were engineered from the ground up to work together and only with each other. Here you can see the Pro in action with the Smart Keyboard and Pencil, and this PC world test explains why the fast Pro is still not as fast as a laptop [which should be obvious – space for components], and here’s Macworld’s Pro review.

iPhone, iPad regain enterprise marketshare in the third quarter — BlackBerry Limited has released the thirteenth Good Mobility Index Report , which shows an increase in iOS activations, continuing the trend previously seen with new iPhone releases.

Logitech Create is a bulky iPad Pro keyboard case with awesome backlit keys — Logitech Create is a keyboard case providing all-around protection for iPad Pro. Available in five colours, Create is the The Incredible Hulk of iPad cases with an exterior made from water-repellent fabric. The iPad is entirely sheathed, with small openings for the camera, ports, and four speakers.

5 high-tech toys to delight kids of all ages — You’re going to have as much fun with these toys as your kids will. [The BB-8, anyway, is available in New Zealand – see MagBytes which comes out tonight.]

12 travel-friendly tech gifts you’ll want to take with you —
Whether it’s a clip-on camera accessory or a great organiser, it’s all worth taking with you.

Networking issues? Wi-Fi calling is great, but if you’re having connection problems or network problems, make sure you turn it off.

Vine launches on Apple Watch, adds new content discovery features for iPhone — Vine has released a long-awaited extension of their popular app for Apple Watch, and added a new feature to its iOS app designed to make it easier to surface new content quickly.