Five Tip Friday ~ El Capitan: muting tabs, finding friends, smarter searches, Mission Control


1/ How to mute video ads in El Capitan’s Safari — Don’t you hate it when you have several open browser tabs in Safari and one of them starts blasting out unwanted music or an ad? You can eliminate the problem with Safari in Mac OS X El Capitan. Now you can mute music/noise even without knowing which tab it’s coming from, right from the Smart Search field in the web browser. If you’re listening to audio in one tab and another website starts to play, you can mute the one you don’t want to hear. And if you want total silence, you can mute all audio from your browser, too.
Find the audio icon in the smart search bar. Click it and you’ll see an option to mute the offending tab. Click it again to start the audio. To disable the sound for all other tabs while still listening to one, click and hold the sound icon on the tab you want to hear.
A menu will appear with two options: Mute This Tab and Mute Other Tabs.
Click on Mute Other Tabs.
All sounds from your other tabs will be muted.
To unmute the other tabs, click and hold on the sound icon on your current tab and then click on Unmute Other Tabs.

2/ Find your friends — You can now see your friends’ locations right on your El Capitan Mac. Click on the little three-lined Notification Center icon at the very top-right of your screen.
When the panel opens, go to the very bottom of the Today tab and click Edit, where you’ll see a list afterwards of all unused widgets you can add to Notification Centre. Press the plus button next to Find My Friends and you’ll be asked to allow the app permission to use your location data. Grant it permission, and all of your friends using the Find My Friends app on iOS devices will appear, along with their distances from you. To get more details on someone’s location, just click on them, and a teeny map appears.


3/ Smarter Spotlight finds weather— Apple’s search tool, Spotlight, is even smarter in Mac OS X El Capitan. You can now use it to check stock prices, weather conditions and forecasts, sports scores, schedules and standings. To use Spotlight to find out local weather, or conditions in another city, just type in ‘Weather in [location]’ (above.

4/ Natural language searches — You can also search with Spotlight to find a file using natural language. Simply type “email from Steve Sande in September,” “Word docs I worked on yesterday,” “photos I took last month,” etc, and Spotlight helps track down those items.

5/ F3 Mission Control redefined— In Mac OS X Yosemite, when you press F3 (or the key that represents Mission Control on your keyboard it’s marked with three small boxes on Mac keyboards), documents associated with apps are gathered together, overlapping each other. But in El Capitan things are a little simpler and clearer. You see minimised views of all the documents you had open so you can see and select the one you want.