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AppleSecThe Complete Guide to an OS X Clean Install of El Capitan — Apple has designed OS X so that one can just upgrade to the next version, “over the top,” seamlessly. With this kind of upgrade, all user data, settings and accounts remain as before, and that works for most users most times. However, there are occasions when a user needs to do what’s called a Clean Install, which is like setting up a Mac as if it first came out of the box and then personal data is restored. This article lists the steps needed for that Clean Install.

How to use gestures in OS X El Capitan Mail — Mail in Mac OS X El Capitan supports more gesture controls than its predecessor. Add your accounts to Mail and you’ll be able to access all your email from one place, then use swipe gestures to delete messages (just as you can in iOS 9) or mark them as unread.

OS X security is a lot better than you thought — Just about every week we see articles rolled out about how a security researcher has found a scary security flaw in OS X. It makes for great headlines, but how are the every day Mac users actually affected by these headlines, and how should they react?

We should be able to leave our digital goodies to our children — When you “buy” digital content such as books, music and movies from Apple and Amazon, you’re not actually buying them but renting them. As more people realise this, it’s unlikely they’ll reconsider making physical purchases instead of digital ones. But this needs to change.

Tim Cook: the NSA won’t be asking for backdoors (anymore) — Apple CEO Tim Cook said he doesn’t think we will hear the US National Security Agency asking for a back door into our iPhones, at least not any more. In an interview on NPR’s All Things Considered on Thursday, Cook implied that even the FBI is coming around on the need for end-user encryption.

Apple reportedly closes deal on huge Sunnyvale campus — Apple has reportedly signed a lease for a 770,000-square-foot campus to be built in Sunnyvale, California, a stone’s throw away from its Campus 2 ‘spaceship’ currently under construction in Cupertino, expanding the company’s already substantial presence in the area. Apple is also massively expanding its Oregon data centres.

Get Backup Pro makes life easier for owners of multiple Macs — Get Backup lets you use Mac OS X 10.6 or higher to clone a hard drive or solid state drive, making a backup disc that be booted up just in case there’s a problem like a system crash that could result in the loss of valuable data. (This can take several hours depending on the size of your Mac’s drive.) However, what really sets Get Backup Pro apart from its competitors is its ability to keep files in-sync and up-to-date on two computers.

Microsoft acknowledges Office 2016-OS X El Capitan crashes but lacks ETA for fix — ‘We are working closely with Apple to resolve this issue,’ says company manager.

Here’s how to manage your iCloud storage — You have two choices when you reach or exceed your storage limit. You can upgrade your iCloud storage plan or reduce the amount of storage you’re using. Also, what happens when you delete an iCloud photo library.

Ten Mac games — A Macworld slideshow.

Apple Music — worth keeping?