All you need to know about El Capitan, new Eurobond, Chinese taxes paid


El Capitan FAQ: everything you need to know about OS X 10.11 — Soon Apple will release OS X El Capitan, which is version 10.11 of the Mac operating system. In this FAQ, Macworld answers some of the more general questions about El Capitan to help you decide about installing it on your Mac.

Apple issues new euro bond worth more than $2.25B — In a US Securities and Exchange Commission filing on Thursday, Apple announced a new two-billion euro debt offering (about NZ$3.59 billion) as it continues to take advantage of historically low interest rates.

Apple pays China $71M in back taxes, $10M fine after misinterpreting law — The Chinese Ministry of Finance announced this week that Apple paid out 452 million yuan ($71 million) in back taxes and was slapped with a 65 million yuan fine for understating sales in 2013. [May this continue.]