Top Music guy leaves, Google versus privacy, Apple and Pentagon, Mac advice x2


Top music guy ditches Apple — Apple’s man in charge of Apple Music, Ian Rogers, has left the company and the music industry, too. That’s a big loss for Apple, and considering his influence on the digital music market, it’s a big loss for everyone else, too. Rogers recruited Kiwi Zane Lowe from the BBC to be the top name on Beats1 Radio, the online radio station that’s a keystone part of Apple Music. He was also instrumental in bringing other big names to Apple Music before deciding to leave the company and the industry. [One might suspect he knows the Apple Music figures, when the free subscriptions end, will suck and he doesn’t want to carry the can for it.]

Google instructs advertisers on how to bypass Apple security – but there’s more — In a note to advertisers on Wednesday, Google appeared to be instructing them how to bypass Apple’s new App Transport Security. However, the issue is complicated and won’t be resolved for some time. Here’ a 30,000 ft view. [Google and privacy, right? They trample all over it.]

Apple, 161 other organisations lend aid to Pentagon on flexible electronics — Apple has reportedly joined the FlexTech Alliance, a collection of 162 organisations working with the Pentagon on flexible sensor electronics capable of being worn by soldiers, or moulded to the outside of vehicles.

Running your Mac safe and lean — Always a good subject, and you can listen to this advice through your speakers.

Keychain is Apple’s password manager — But this advice you have to read: in case you are not familiar with Keychain on your Mac here is what you need to get up to speed.