OneNote tips, mouthy Swatch, iTunes U, selfie emojis

Make emojis from your own portrait
Make emojis from your own portrait

OneNote for iPad tips to make you more productive — More people than ever are bringing their iPads to work, and the quickest way to make the tablet ready for business it to outfit with Microsoft’s powerful productivity tool, OneNote. The time is never better, as a recent feature update brings OneNote for iPad up to par with its cross-platform cousins. Here are a few cool ways the app can make you more efficient around the office.

Swatch CEO needs to stop talking and start shipping —
Nick Hayek’s provocations of Apple are looking increasingly sad as Swatch fails to ship or even demonstrate the product it’s been talking about for months. [I bought a Swatch two years ago. The strap broke after 6 weeks. It took 5 weeks to get a replacement. That broke in one week so – I threw the Swatch away…]

Slideshow on iTunes U — The college student’s guide to getting started with iTunes U, which is the university-generated and free podcast service for Mac and iDevice.

Customised emojis based on your own actual face — That’s right, and it’s a free app too.