Faster memory, Photoshop stragglers, Windows 10 is out


Faster memory — Intel and Micron’s new ” memory is 1000x faster, more durable than NAND. Semiconductor technology giants Intel and Micron have announced 3D XPoint memory, the fruits of a joint endeavor into non-volatile memory technology the companies claim is the first major breakthrough in the space since the introduction of NAND flash in 1989.

Photoshop CS6 stragglers out of luck for Camera Raw Updates — Adobe left its Creative Suite 6 apps behind when it moved to Creative Cloud and annual software licenses, and if you’ve been holding out hope for extended support for the old versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, get ready for the bad news. Adobe says Camera Raw 9.1.1 will be the last version released that still offers Photoshop CS6 support. For people using Adobe’s apps professionally, this is another reminder that Creative Suite 6 is now a relic and it’s time to let it go.

Windows 10 launches to favorable reviews, cautions about bugs and feature gaps — Early reviews of Microsoft’s latest operating system, released on Wednesday, have been generally positive, suggesting that it solves problems with Windows 8 while advancing the Windows platform towards the future. But there are a few crashing bugs and a few gaps.