iOS overtakes Windows, Apple Watch at 75%, wallpaper selection, PhotoFast, iOS 9

Image from Apple Inc's NZ Store page.
[Image from Apple Inc’s NZ Store iPad page.]
iOS has overtaken Windows — A symbolic thing happened this last June: the world’s second largest mobile operating system overtook Wintel machines in unit sales. And iOS is the #2 mobile platform behind Android. For sure, the developed world still does most productivity, creative, development, and scientific and mathematical work on Macs and PCs. Mobile is still better suited to consumption than creation, but we nevertheless do more and more on our mobile devices.

Apple Watch owns 75 percent of the smartwatch market —
In just three months, Apple has captured the smartwatch market with 4 million units shipped. Meanwhile, Samsung’s market share has plummeted, according to a new report. [Apple used to own the smartphone market, which it practically invented, too…]

How normal people get their photos featured in Apple’s ads and wallpapers for iOS — One of the things that has defined Apple for the past decade is its dedication to and admiration for photography, whether it’s improving the iPhone’s camera or creating advertising campaigns centered around famous images. Here’s how the company selects the images it features on billboards, in commercials, and on your desktop.

PhotoFast MAX puts speedy data transfer and backup in the palm of your hand — PhotoFast MAX (starting at US$79.99 for 16GB) is the latest incarnation of what used to be known as the i-FlashDrive. Take a USB 3.0 flash drive, add a Lightning adapter to one end, toss in an iOS app to organise and view files, and you have an iFlashDrive.

iOS 9 — Three huge changes will make email less awful: document attachments, intelligent search, and multitasking features make Mail more useful than ever. And Home Sharing is back in the iOS 9 beta.