Earnings, El Capitan, troubleshooting Photos, 10nm chips, Pages sections, IIgs update

An update just arrived for the IIgs after 22 years!
An update just arrived for the IIgs after 22 years!

Apple Conference Call July 21st while $AAPL ratchets higher — Apple on Friday officially scheduled its quarterly conference call with analysts for Tuesday, July 21st, at 5PM EDT/2PM PDT. The company will be taking questions about its June quarter performance, and Wall Street appears optimistic at what the company will announce.

OS X El Capitan is not just a tune-up — OS X Yosemite has been a bit of a problem for some users, especially with networking, and so the WWDC announcement of El Capitan was broadly greeted with enthusiasm. Apple’s stated focus in the keynote was on the experience and performance, but we’ve learned that important changes under the hood will also contribute to security and better networking. Here’s a look at how El Capitan is going to affect you for the better.

Troubleshooting Photos: Syncing, deleting, organizing albums, and more — With the release of El Capitan’s public beta, those with the desire to engage in a bit of risk have gotten a glimpse of Photos 1.1, a release that isn’t just an extension of the original version: it also seems to fix bugs. Macworld tells you how to cope in the meantime.

Apple partner TSMC to mass produce 10nm chips by early 2017, on pace to beat Intel — The race to make smaller and more efficient mobile processors continues, with iPhone chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company revealing it remains on track to mass-produce its first 10-nanometer FinFET processors by early 2017 — a timeframe that would put it ahead of rival Intel.

OS X Pages: Using Sections to Delete Document Pages — One of the questions I get asked most about the Pages application is how to delete specific document pages. The problem is that when you start with the blank template, for example, the program will flow your content into one long section, meaning you won’t be able to delete just one page. You can see how this works by choosing View>Show Page Thumbnails, which’ll slide out a bar along the left side of your window. [The trick is to break the sections first.]

Apple IIgs System 6.0.2 Update rolls out after 22 years, no kidding —  Only 22 years after its last update Apple IIgs System 6.0.1 is getting a new update. The version 6.0.2 update added support for Apple’s Ethernet for Appletalk card, fixed an HFS bug that could lead to file corruption, fixed PASCL.FST and DOS33.FST bugs, addressed bugs in TextEdit, Font Manager, and Window Manager, and the list goes on! It’s a free download at the A.P.P.L.E. website.