Diversity, El Capitan’s Integrity Protection, more on Flash, Japanese R&D

Apple's Yokohama R&D centre.
Apple’s Yokohama R&D centre.

Apple says recruitment of women & minorities improving, company will be more transparent — Efforts by Apple to improve recruitment of women and minorities in its workforce are slowly paying off, the company has revealed, as it hopes other corporations will follow its lead in diversity and transparency.

El Capitan’s System Integrity Protection will shift utilities’ functions — iOS is so locked down that disabling protections in order to install your own modifications is called “jailbreaking.” But OS X has remained free and easy — until now: El Capitan adds some security improvements that should make OS X more resistent to exploitation by malware, but it will also mean a change or end to some software utilities on which you may rely. (And if you’re over the El Capitan public beta, here’s how to revert your Mac back to Yosemite.)

You don’t have to be a villain to say Flash must die — Glenn Fleishman notes that Flash’s time has been over for years, but inertia has kept flawed technology alive and exploitable. It’s time to kill it off. Flash is a constantly exploited, superannuated bit of technology that useful in the early days of multimedia in web browsers, and now deserves to die, and here’s how to survive without it.

Apple’s Japanese R&D center to tap into local materials, vehicle and health talent — Alongside an expanding retail presence, Apple is building out research and development operations around the globe, including a facility in Yokohama, Japan that will reportedly focus on materials, vehicle and health segments.