12.9-inch iPad, iPods, iOS Betas, Apple Pay UK, Lark health app, Pixelmator updated

A 12.9-inch iPad would be considerably bigger (image mockup from MacRumors).
A 12.9-inch iPad would be considerably bigger (image mockup from MacRumors).

12.9-Inch iPad Pro rumours grow — As Apple gets closer to putting a product into full scale production, the leaks increase in frequency and specificity. Roughly 2-4 months before Apple intends to ship a product, we hit a tipping point where the leaks and rumours collectively form a more solid picture of what we can expect. The rumoured ‘iPad Pro,’ a larger version of Apple’s market-defining tablet, has been talked about for the last 18 months … [but it’s still a rumour at this point.] This could be an important product, taking more of the low-end Mac laptop territory. Global tablet use is still rising.

iPod shipping times slip ahead of Apple’s anticipated Tuesday update with new colours — Shipping times for some iPod models, mostly iPod touch, have lengthened at Apple’s US online store ahead of an anticipated refresh. Apple is expected to add new colours and upgrade the Touch’s internals.

Betas and risk — Putting beta software on your primary device is a huge risk, especially if you haven’t backed up in a long time (or ever). But I like to live dangerously, so I plan to put the iOS 9 beta on my iPhone 6 — yes, the one I carry every day [NB, I already did this on both my laptop and my iPhone 6, both my primary machines …].
To prepare, Caitlin McGarry decided to use her third-generation iPad, a sometimes temperamental but always available workhorse, as a guinea pig, while the Mac Observer discusses Public Betas.

Apple Pay launches in UK with 250K stores, with 8 banks participating — Nine months after its release in the US, Apple Pay will be available to iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch users in the UK on Tuesday, local time, with support from more than 250,000 retail locations and eight major banks.

Lark health minder — New app Lark – Personal Weight Loss Coach and 24/7 Nutritionist (free) wants to change your health for the better.

Pixelmator for iOS gains Dynamic Touch, faster Repair tool & more — A new version of Pixelmator for iOS, released on Tuesday, makes a number of improvements to the app, most significantly introducing Dynamic Touch and a much faster Repair tool.