Five Tip Friday ~ iOS 8 and your iPhone/iPad; Reminders and Calendar

1/ Make calls straight from Reminders — Apple’s Reminders app can come in handy on your iPhone, particularly since it’s very easy to create them using Siri. To make a call from Reminders, create a reminder like ‘Call Jo Public at 8am’. Make sure it starts with “call” and that you have the person in your Contacts already.
When you have it set up, it’ll pop up at the right time to remind you. When you see it on your lock screen, put your finger over it and swipe left, and the option to call directly appears if the reminder includes a contact with a phone number even in the lock screen. Now you can save steps when you’re using Reminders to set up phone calls.

The List button on iPhone
The List button on iPhone

list2/ Switch between day and list view — If you tap on a date in Calendar on your iPhone, you’ll get an expanded view of your daily appointments. Scroll up and down to see which hours are free and which are booked, with each event color-coded depending on the calendar it’s assigned to.
In the day view, you’ll find the list button (it looks like a tiny bulleted list, shown above) in the top-right corner of the screen, to the left of the Search field. Tap it, and your upcoming events are arranged in one big, scrollable list (left).
(There’s no list button in the iPad version Calendar—you just have the monthly view, which boasts details for each day’s events.)

3/ See your entire week on your iPhone — The iPad version of the Calendar app has four clearly marked views to choose from: Day, Week, Month, and Year. On an iPhone, the Day, Month and Year views are (relatively) easy to find, but what about the Week view?
Just tilt your iPhone into landscape orientation and your week will twirl into view, no matter which calendar view you were checking.

4/ See event details from the month view — The standard month view in Calendars for iPhone offers a blank, rather unhelpful grid of dates — tap one, and you jump to the expanded daily view. To see the whole month again, you’ll have to tap the Back button. But the Details button, which sits unobtrusively next to the Search button in the top corner of the screen, shows a list of events for the selected date, with the rest of the month still visible. Tap another day of the month, and you’ll see the events for that day. You can even switch months by swiping up and down.

5/ Drag and drop calendar events — The most obvious way to change the time of an event in Calendar is to tap it and edit its “start” and “end” times, but there’s actually a much easier way.
Just tap and hold an event until it pulses, then drag it anywhere you like in your calendar. You can also grab one of the little handles above or below an event to pad it out or cut it short.