China gold, Russia and gay U2 propaganda, 10 Mac games, accessory sales

China is a fast-growing gold mine for Apple — Designed by Apple in California, but increasingly, Apple’s gadgets are being sold far from its Cupertino headquarters. In the first three months of this year, iPhone sales in China surpassed those in the US for the first time. Also for the first time, China jumped ahead of Europe as Apple’s biggest overall market after the Americas.

Russian politician wants Apple’s U2 album giveaway investigated as gay propaganda — Russian politician Alexander Starovoitov, a member of the rightwing LDPR party, is accusing Apple of distributing pro-gay propaganda to minors with its U2 album giveaway. That’s the same album, Songs of Innocence, that was a thing back in September of 2014, but a new version of the album cover has homophobes in Russia freaking out. [Really, it takes very little to freak a homophobe out.]

10 Mac games for May — Action. Adventure. Space travel. Bread. April’s selection has gorgeous adventures, tough-as-nails action, tense shooting, brainy space travel tinkering, and even a game about playable bread — and that’s just the first half of the list.

US Apple accessory sales — US$49 Super Drives, $59 MacBook Power Adapters, $5 MagSafe converters, $45 Magic Trackpads, Mice & Keyboards, $69 AirPort Express … From now until May 6th, one of Apple’s authorised resellers is offering the lowest prices of the year on a wide assortment of official Apple-branded accessories including AirPort Base Stations (from $69), Keyboards ($45), Mice ($45), Super Drives ($45), MacBook Power Adapters ($59), and several Lightening, USB, FireWire, VGA, DVI, SD Card & Gigabit Ethernet adapters ($19). [Remember if you order anything from here, there are exchange rates and associated fees, shipping and anything that needs a power adapter will come with a US plug.]