Health warnings, Periscope video, CARROT, Galaxy S6, Apple Watch tracks strides


Apple concept would require users to input health data to keep using their iPhone — Apple has explored presenting iPhone users with non-dismissable notifications, such as requiring personal health data to be entered before resuming normal use of their device, in a concept that could help break bad habits.

Twitter launches Periscope video streaming service — Twitter has released Periscope for the iPhone (free), which lets Twitter customers broadcast live streaming video with almost no friction at all. If that sounds familiar, it’s because Meerkat recently rose in popularity for doing the same thing.

Behind the scenes look at CARROT, the AI construct that shames you into submission — Last week, developer Brian Mueller of Grailr released CARROT Weather, the fifth app in the popular CARROT series. The star of these apps is the unforgettable CARROT, a sarcasm-wielding robot with a heart of weapons-grade plutonium. CARROT is known for her cutting comments that shame you into compliance while helping you meet goals like being fit or waking up on time.

Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with 56 apps preinstalled, including Instagram & Microsoft OneDrive — Critics of so-called ‘bloatware’ will have new fodder thanks to Samsung’s forthcoming flagship Galaxy S6 smartphone, which will come preinstalled with a total of 56 applications, including third-party services like Microsoft OneDrive and Whatsapp. [I’ve seen one of these in an exclusive preview – talk about ‘the sincerest form of flattery’!]

Christy Turlington: Apple Watch Accurately Tracks Workouts without an iPhone — Apple Watch spokesperson Christy Turlington-Burns posted her Week Three blog entry in a series about training for the upcoming London Marathon. Mrs Turlington-Burns said in her Apple-sponsored blog that after a few uses, her Apple Watch learned enough about her stride that she didn’t need her iPhone with her to accurately track her results.