One-port MacBook, Force Touch, Safari update, job opportunity, Augmented Reality

Apple's new one-port MacBook will be available soon. (Image from Apple Inc's NZ MacBook site.]
Apple’s new one-port MacBook will be available soon. (Image from Apple Inc’s NZ MacBook site.]

Why the new MacBook’s single port is all you really need — Apple’s revelation of a single-port MacBook had been leaked months ahead of time. Still, many were in denial and remain so. From their perspective, which you can read in comments on Macworld articles and widely elsewhere, a single port is a nonstarter. [Cynically, I’d say ‘it’s all you need because Apple wants to sell you all the extra converters, adapters and dongles to actually make it useful’.]

First look: Apple’s Force Touch trackpad on the early 2015 MacBook Pro — The newest revision of Apple’s littlest MacBook Pro packs faster flash memory and Intel’s latest Broadwell chips, but the star of the show is its new Force Touch trackpad. AppleInsider went hands-on with the clickless wonder to see if it upholds Apple’s tradition of finger-navigating excellence.

Job opportunity in Auckland: iLab has moved and is hiring a store manager — iLab has been repairing iDevices and Macs since 2008, and has recently moved shop to the historic Letham Cottage on Jervois Road. iLab fixes everything Apple, focusing on out-of-warranty repairs, including high-level repairs of Macs and iPhones. Anyone interested in working there as a store manager should contact Richard at

Latest Safari update brings fixes for WebKit security flaws — Apple has issued a new versions of its Safari Web browser for OS X with fixes for two WebKit vulnerabilities that could allow maliciously crafted code to run on a target Mac. Check in Software Update, ie Updates in the Mac App Store.

Apple has augmented reality R&D team, could inject AR devices with much needed style — Apple is supposedly making a long play for augmented reality systems that one analyst believes will potentially pivot on the company’s current push into fashion, an initiative set to bear fruit with Apple Watch in April.