Five Tip Friday ~ iOS 8 and your iDevice, including Keynote

1/ Per-account Mail signatures — Yes, it’s possible. A lot of people only have one account on their iPhone or iPad, but many have two or more. On my Mac I have different signatures for different email accounts, as I use them for different things, and you can do this in iOS 8 too. Open Settings, choose Mail, Contacts and Calendars and scroll down to Signatures. Tap ‘Per Account’ (which you’ll only see if you have more than one account already set up) and configure-away. You can even ‘copy’ artwork from another app and ‘paste’ it in here for more sophisticated signatures with logos etc.

2/ Accessing Handoff with your device unlocked — Using Handoff to swap between your iOS devices and your Mac to complete documents, emails, and messages is a neat new ability with iOS 8 and Yosemite. Opening a Handoff-capable program on your Mac (and, if necessary, firing up an email or a document) will let you swipe up from the lower-left corner of your lock screen to continue that work on your iOS device. But you don’t actually need to lock your iPhone or iPad to access your Handoff stuff; all you’ve need to do is go to so-called App Switcher, which you’ll see whenever you double-click your Home button. Then, to see what Handoff has waiting for you, just swipe from left to right.
That reveals what you can access from your Mac or your other iOS devices. Tap that to open your work on your current gadget.

3/ Keynote on iPad — Did you know you can delete old Keynote presentations? Open Keynote on your iPad and click on Presentations. Tap the one you want to delete and hold your finger on it until your presentations start to wiggle (ie, exactly the same as getting into Edit Mode on your Home screen). Tap that presentation a second time and you will see a blue box around it. Now just tap the trash can in the upper left corner and you will see the option to delete it.

4/ Undo Actions — In Keynote on iPad, there’s no need to manually save changes as you work. Keynote automatically saves your work about every 30 seconds. But you can always undo your recent actions if you don’t want to save them: tap Undo in the top-left corner of the screen.

5/ Add transitions — If you don’t have a Mac and have to create your Keynote from scratch on your iPad, or you want to make changes when you are away from your Mac, you can still add or change transitions.
Tap once on the slide you want to add the transition to. You’ll see ‘Double-tap to edit’ fields. Tap the slide thumbnail on the left and you’ll see, near the top in white-on-black text, ‘Transitions’.
Tap on the transitions option and, in the effects tab, scroll down to select the transition you want – you can choose your effect by scrolling.

More — Tap on the Options tab to set other requirements. If you want to add an identical transition to multiple slides, a quick way to do it is create the transition on a single blank slide and then duplicate that slide as many times as necessary. This works on your Mac or your iPad.