Brit politician’s Candy Crush, fast pad, iPad Air 2, Microsoft iOS apps

Apple's new Air 2 ad is a departure
Apple’s new Air 2 ad is a departure

English politician caught playing Candy Crush for two hours during government meeting — Candy Crush Saga is so addictive it can keep lawmakers from doing the job taxpayers pay them to do. According to The Sun, MP Nigel Mills was rocking a long Candy Crush play session during a meeting regarding pensions and insurance – in which he asked a few pre-written questions and then played the game on his taxpayer-funded iPad for as long as two-and-a-half hours. [He’ll probably just get made Minister for IT. At least he can use his iPad.]

You won’t believe the fast fingers of this iPad and iPhone 6 Plus drummer — Faced with limitations due to his living arrangements, drummer and YouTube user Appleman has made the best of his situation, opting to use GarageBand and other apps on an iPad and iPhone 6 Plus to lay down some spectacular tracks. Especially impressive is how he uses the 6 Plus along with the iPad to expand his available repertoire of beats.

Apple’s latest iPad Air 2 ad is departure from ‘Your Verse’ campaign — Apple on Sunday released an ad (pictured above) highlighting its newly launched iPad Air 2 that, like recent commercials for iPad, chooses to demonstrate the tablet’s flexibility by showing off a variety of apps, from productivity solutions to multimedia content creation.

Microsoft Office apps for iOS reviewed — Presenter View feature makes the subscription version worth it. Microsoft Word for iOS is a “classic word processor shines on every device“, and Microsoft Excel for iOS lets you create and edit spreadsheets on any device, at no cost,].