Old Jobs’ emails, Bluetooth 4.2, App Store appeal, Final Cut

Emails from Steve Jobs offer an insight into his thinking and Apple's music stance. (Image from TUAW.)
Emails from Steve Jobs offer an insight into his thinking and Apple’s music stance. (Image from TUAW.)

Old Steve Jobs emails resurface as part of iPod antitrust lawsuit — Thanks to a slow winding judicial process, a class action suit against Apple stemming from its business practices in the mid-2000s is getting underway today in California. During the process, a number of Steve Jobs’ emails are starting to emerge.

Bluetooth 4.2 supercharges smart homes, blocks privacy-bashing Beacons — New versions of wireless technology standards aren’t often a big deal, but Bluetooth 4.2 is looking to change that with a major boost for home automation, along with privacy enhancements. The new spec allows Bluetooth devices to connect to the Internet through newer home routers supporting IPv6. This should drastically simplify home automation, as it would avoid the need for dedicated Bluetooth hubs or devices with built-in Wi-Fi.

Apple loses App Store trademark appeal in Australia — Apple was handed a setback in Australia on Wednesday when a Federal Court judge rejected Apple’s appeal as the company tries to trademark the term “app store” in the country. The news of the rejection was first reported by The Sydney Morning Herald.

Apple has released Final Cut Pro 10.1.4 and Xcode 6.1.1 with feature additions, bug fixes — Apple has updated its pro-level video editing app Final Cut Pro with minor feature additions and bug fixes, while the latest Xcode release addresses crashing issues experienced when coding in Swift. The latest version is Final Cut Pro 10.1.4, and includes stabilisation and rolling shutter reduction for 240fps video, a welcome addition considering that frame rate is supported by the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.
Xcode 6.1.1 is a free 2.49GB download from the App Store.