iMac with Retina ‘best ever’, Apple high, YouTube streams music

Apple's market capitalisation has reached its highest ever level
Apple’s market capitalisation has reached its highest ever level

iMac with Retina 5K Display = Best iMac Ever — Dell and Apple both offer a 27-inch 5K display for US$2499. Choose the Dell and all you get is a 27-inch 5K display. Choose the new iMac, however, and in addition to a 27-inch 5K display you also get a powerful desktop computer at no additional cost! And it’s a hell of a computer, decked out with all the latest technology…

Shares of Apple reach new all-time high, break record market cap at $659B valuation — Apple stock is currently trading at its all-time highest levels, putting the company at its highest-ever market capitalisation level of more than US$659 billion Thursday morning.

Everyone’s doing it … YouTube announces “YouTube Music Key” subscription service — YouTube has announced details of its own paid subscription music service, YouTube Music Key, via Billboard. YouTube Music Key allows users to stream videos ad-free and offline for US$9.99 a month after an initial promotion price of US$7.99. User subscriptions cover both music videos and non-video music streaming and launch via an invite-only beta on November 17.