iMessage repairs, Nova flash panel, HomeKit, WeMo

Handy flash for iPhone photography – let's hope we can buy it here soon.
Handy flash for iPhone photography – let’s hope we can buy it here soon.

Apple introduces lost iMessage repair tool — Much to Apple’s surprise, not everyone that buys an iPhone sticks with the platform, and that led to a problem where switchers never saw text messages from their friends who stayed with iOS. Apple has finally addressed the problem with a new web-based utility that unlinks phone numbers from iMessage so you’ll still see texts when switching to an Android or Windows smartphone.

Apple begins stocking Nova iOS-connected Bluetooth camera flash in retail stores — Apple has expanded the selection of mobile photography accessories in its retail (bricks and mortar Store) outlets with the Nova, a wireless, off-camera flash that can be used to enhance low-light shooting and synchronises with iOS devices using Bluetooth technology. [We don’t have Apple Stores, so I hope it comes to our Apple online store as it’s not there yet – the Nova is a little,  flat flash panel, very handy – pictured above.]

HomeKit at CES — There hasn’t been much about Apple’s HomeKit framework since WWDC 2014. Now things are starting to heat up in preparation for the January Consumer Electronics Show. According to GigaOM’s Stacey Higginbotham, at least one existing connected device manufacturer –iDevices – will launch new HomeKit products at the huge show in Las Vegas.

WeMo-enabled Holmes Smart Humidifier is the go-to gadget for flu season — A humidifier can be a necessary evil during cold weather spells or when you’re sick with a sore throat, but at least now you might control it with your iDevice.