iOS 8 over 50%, Plus resale value high, Logitech keyboards, wardrobes and cars, FitBrains, SSL client

Logitech’s standalone Ultrathin keyboard for iPad

iOS 8 now installed on 52% of all devices — Apple iOS adoption rateDoes it seem like a lot of your iPhone or iPad toting friends have updated to iOS 8? You’re right – new information from the Apple Developer Support pages shows that iOS 8 is now installed on 52% of all iOS devices. [The last month of Mac NZ iOS tips is compiled in MagBytes 58, due out tonight.)

Constrained supply keeps iPhone 6 Plus resale prices at 124% of retail price — Used and resold iPhone 6 Plus units are still selling at above-cost on sites like eBay, as Apple continues to struggle to keep up with overwhelming demand for its new jumbo-sized 5.5-inch iPhone.

Logitech launches Type+ & Ultrathin keyboards for iPad Air 2, ultraportable Keys-To-Go for all models — Logitech this week updated its Type+ and Ultrathin keyboard cases to be compatible with Apple’s new iPad Air 2, and also introduced a new standalone ultraportable wireless iPad keyboard (pictured above) dubbed Keys-To-Go.

Cloth’s revamped iOS app lets you peer into strangers’ closets — Cloth debuted two years ago as a way for people to photograph their clothes and put together outfits. Instead of cluttering up your Camera Roll with wardrobe shots, Cloth centralised your photos in one spot and let you tag outfits by occasion. All of those features are still around, but in its latest incarnation, Cloth is focusing on social.

Do you really love your wheels? Instacar (free) may be the app for you. Take a picture of your beloved car, load the photo into InstaCar and add car logo and model graphics to your photo.

Fit Brains workout for your grey matter — Fit Brains from Rosetta Stone (universal, free with in-app purchases) is an app that presents challenging games to test and improve mental acuity across several categories. It’s very good-looking, well executed and fun (says TUAW). You can track your progress across devices and monitor your progress over time. Here’s my look at Fit Brains.

Prompt 2 from Panic: a gorgeous SSH Client for iOS — Prompt 2 is version 2 of a good looking, easy-so-use SSH client for iOS byPanic Inc (of Transmit FTP). As the website says, “Restart your server from a coffee shop. Fix a web page from the back of car…” Version 2 has several new features, notably Panic’s sync across devices, iOS 8 compatibility, stored text in “clips”, private keys, and easier switching between multiple connections. Sysadmins who must be able to access their servers remotely, securely and with first-class software will want to have this on every iOS device. It costs US$10.