A8X iPad Air 2 smokes opposition, Mini, GTA, Apple Pay, convert, AppleInsider, Vine

Three cores make good in the new iPad Air
Three cores make good in the new iPad Air – the top-most bar in the graph.

Apple’s new A8X powered iPad Air 2 smokes new Android tablets, including Nvidia’s Tegra K1 Shield Tablet [u] — New Geekbench processor benchmarks show Apple’s triple core, 64-bit A8X Application Processor is dramatically faster than the latest Android tablets, despite their additional cores and faster clock rates.

What’s Apple doing with the iPad Mini 3? To say that Apple glossed over the iPad Mini 3 last week would be putting it mildly. Apple spent just 35 seconds discussing the device because the iPad Mini 3 is essentially the same device as the iPad Mini 2, apart from Touch ID and new colour options.

Apple and GT Advanced agree to part ways — Apple and sapphire supplier GT Advanced Technologies have reached an agreement that severs the ties between the two companies. GT Advanced’s lawyer Luc Despins told a bankruptcy court that the two companies have agreed to an “amicable parting of the ways.”

The first Apple Pay ad (from MasterCard) aired during yesterday’s World Series game — The first nation-wide advertisement (or perhaps mention is more appropriate) for Apple Pay hit the airwaves yesterday during game one of the World Series. The ad was a MasterCard production, with a narrator stating that Apple Pay users are eligible for MasterCard’s ongoing ‘Priceless Surprises’ sweepstakes. You can see it here.

Apple Pay works in overseas (if you pretend you’re in America) — Apple Pay does indeed work in Australia, but only if he tells his phone he’s in America.

Potent converter — Calvertr (NZ$3.79) is a clever evolution of the standard calculator and conversions app. A basic calculator, it really shines is in conversion. It supports 157 different monetary systems around the world to convert, plus categories are searchable, conversion data can be shared with friends, and the app lets you share a note along with results. There are  astronomical, calendar days between dates, radioactivity, ROI, fuel consumption and many more conversions from the mundane to the arcane including viscosity and torque.

AppleInsider 2.0 for iPhone and iPad free from Apple’s App Store — AppleInsider has announced the release of a major update to its universal iOS application on the App Store, delivering a fresh new look, unified subscription features across the iPhone and iPad, favorites, advance font preferences, offline reading, Instapaper support and more.

Vine iOS 8 update — Vine’s last major iOS update finally let you upload clips from your Camera Roll, which was a major functional improvement. The video-sharing app, which lets you shoot six-second loops, dropped version 3.0 on our Wednesday: an iOS 8 update that takes full advantage of Apple’s new tools.