iPhone 6 is out in some countries, NBA thief, iOS 8 bundles, 20nm A8 processor, iOS 8 explained, Swift

iPhones from the 2g up to 6+ speed-tested
iPhones from the 2g up to 6+ speed-tested

Speed test of every iPhone from2G to  6+ — The people at YouTube channel EverythingApplePro have posted a new video showing a test between all ten versions of the iPhone. The results are not particularly surprising, but there’s still a thrill in watching each and every iPhone swiped on all at once. Stick around until the end to see how dramatically the iPhone Geekbench Scores have gone up since the iPhone 3G. You’ll wonder how you ever used your old phone.
Meanwhile, first impressions,  iPhone 6 is torn down, ten ‘first things’ to odo when you get one,

Former NBA player Rex Chapman arrested after stealing over $14,000 in merchandise from an Apple store — Former NBA star Rex Chapman was arrested in Scottsdale, Arizona yesterday after stealing over $14,000 in Apple merchandise from an Apple retail store over the course of a few weeks. Chapman subsequently pawned the stolen goods for cold hard cash.

iOS 8 App Store Bundles explained — With the advent of iOS 8 we have also seen the appearance of ‘Bundles’ in the App Store. These are groups of apps from a single developer, making them available for a discount over purchasing each individually. There is a variety of bundles available already, of apps and games.

TSMC confirmed as manufacturer of Apple’s 20nm A8 processor — According to a report on Friday, Apple’s latest 64-bit A8 system-on-a-chip, currently powering the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, is built by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co, not Samsung.

Getting to know iOS 8 — Customise your Notification Center with handy new widgets, photo editing gets easier with iOS 8’s new Photos app and extensions and quickly access your Favorite Contacts with the Home Button. Also, Apple has an ‘iOS 8 War Room’ to deal with problems.

Want to learn Apple’s new programming language? Here’s a method to learn via examples.