2 new iPad ads, optimising broadband while travelling, Monument Valley

Chinese electropop group Yaoband in new Your Verse iPad ad
Chinese electropop group Yaoband in new Your Verse iPad ad

Apple’s new ‘Your Verse’ iPad ads focus on music, community engagement — Apple on Monday unveiled two new additions to its well-received Your Verse advertising campaign for the iPad, this time focusing attention on Chinese electropop group Yaoband (above) and Detroit community activist Jason Hall.

How to optimise broadband while on vacation — Broadband speeds tend to be better for home and condo rentals than some motels and hotels because they’re plumbed with connections typical of the surrounding neighbourhood rather than offering a shared, bulk connection. Hotels often use such a shared connection for dozens-to-hundreds of rooms with the result being slow going. Christopher Breen tells you how to get the most out of connections while travelling.

Monument Valley recovered development investment in one week — Monument Valley is one of the best games on iOS device, (it won an Apple Design Award this year) but it didn’t conform to the free-to-play trend and that meant it wasn’t a guaranteed success. It’s absurd, but the game’s NZ$4.99 price tag is considered ‘premium pricing’ these days. Thanks to the game’s huge word of mouth appeal, it managed to make back its development investment after just one week on the market.
Speaking at GDC Europe, Lead Designer Ken Wong explained that the game has found a way to appeal to non-gamers despite being a paid download. “For many of them, this is the first game they’ve ever finished,” he said.