FileVault, Beats, Mac wifi, Illustrator 2014

How to set up and use FileVault
How to set up and use FileVault

OS X: Configuring FileVault — OS X’s FileVault is a great feature to use if you’re concerned about the security of files on your Mac. The problem is that if someone takes your machine, it’s really trivially easy to gain access to your stuff. Because FileVault encrypts your files, it means that you don’t have to worry so much about your Mac being out of your control, because without knowing your password, even the smartest criminal mind will be out of luck. This Mac Observer article tells you more, and Take Control has released a whole eBook on the subject.

Apple officially welcomes Beats — Apple subsidiary Beats has uploaded a short 30-second spot to its Twitter account featuring two of its animated Pill creatures and the Siri virtual assistant, marking the first collaborative ad effort since Apple bought the audio company in May. Meanwhile, Apple has appointed Ian Rogers, the head of Beats’ subscription-music service, to run iTunes Radio.

How to troubleshoot Mac Wi-Fi problems — Wi-Fi has become the preferred way for  most to connect their Macs to other networked devices and the Internet. However, most of us also have times when those connections slow down or fail altogether. When that happens, however, there are several things you can do to diagnose and (ideally) fix the problem.

Illustrator CC2014 review: Adobe continues to add refinements that benefit illustrators — Illustrator finally gets improved shape tools, along with usability enhancements. All in all, Illustrator is a better program than before, reckons Macworld.