Latest MagBytes available (#55)

MagBytes 55S – view it in your browser or right-click (or hold down the Control key and normal-click) to download the PDF.

On iPad, Open the link, tap the area along the top (which I coloured blue in the PDF) and you get the option ‘Open in iBooks’ if you’d like to add it to your iBooks library.

5 thoughts on “Latest MagBytes available (#55)”

  1. How do I read Macbytes on my iPad. I have in the past chisen to save Macbytes as an attachment to a PDF reader on the iPad. It’s not clear to me how to do that now!


    1. Hmm, good point. If you hold your finger on the link for MagBytes, you get the options to Open, Open in New Tab, Add to Reading List or Copy. It used to have ‘Save to’ i.e. iBooks, but it looks like iOS 7 got rid of that.
      Email me at and I’ll email it to you.


      1. Hi Mark, I followed your instructions but still not able to open iBooks. I think I need to attend one of your workshops!


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