Faster Retina MacBook Pros, Mac sales surge, 1985 ad & software space

The Retina MacBook Pro is now faster and has 16GB RAM standard
The Retina MacBook Pro is now faster and has 16GB RAM standard

Retina MacBook Pro gets Faster Processors, More RAM — Apple has confirmed new models with faster processors and more RAM. The new 13-inch and 15-inch models look just like the versions they replace, but with more power under the hood – 16GB RAM and faster CPUs and graphics.
The 13-inch non-Retina MacBook Pro is still available and is the only Mac Apple sells with a built-in optical drive, but the price has been reduced slightly.

Apple’s focus on value in 2014 has sent Mac sales surging — Hardware updates to the Mac lineup thus far in 2014 have been generally unexciting, and yet Apple has still achieved record sales this year, as consumers are seeing plenty to like about the company’s newest and more affordable computers. [I think 16GB RAM standard, above, is pretty exciting!]

1985 Macintosh Office ad reminds us how much space software used to take up — “Now there are more than 500 software programs for the Macintosh Office, so no matter what business you’re in, you’re in business.” In just one sentence this 1985 Macintosh Office ad explained to viewers why it was going to change the way they worked on a computer. It also shows how much physical space these software packages used to take up.