Review: Logitech’s new x300 & an All Black Boom

x300 – surprisingly big sound and excellent portability
x300 – surprisingly big sound and truly excellent portability (click image for full-size)

A new offering from Logitech is this little rubber-encased, gold-grilled Bluetooth x300 speaker – that’s right, no wires except the one for charging it. The advertising says it has a rich and deep sound and I found that to be true – with a woofer at each end and two mid-range speakers across the front, this thing surprises with depth but also with volume. I could still hear it four rooms away, and it wasn’t even on full, and it wasn’t distorting. Yet it still fits easily in one hand. It seems rugged, too, with it’s rubbery case and large Bluetooth and volume up and down buttons (of course, once it’s paired by a simple process you can turn it up on your iPhone or iPad, too). With an iPad, gaming sound is really impressive. According to Logitech, it will play for five hours once fully charged. What’s great — Loud and deceptively deep What’s not — A little detail missing in the treble end (but who actually likes that?)

x300 is small but powerful and clear
x300 is small but powerful and clear

Mac-NZ’s advice — packs a surprising audio punch in a tiny, yet substantial-feeling package – that’s it. left, next to an iPhone 5. Not on the market yet, but when it is the Logitech x300 wireless Bluetooth speaker will be NZ$99.90 (also available in pink and blue)


AB Boom — Logitech’s big wireless UE (‘ultimate ears’) Boom speaker can wear different skins, and now there;’s one just for us: an All Black model.  The UE Boom is now available in several editions including Artist and even an All Black Special Edition (left) – it’s not that far off the length of a rugby ball, after all, and is actually slim enough to  fit in many water bottle holders. It puts out 360° of sound, and the Boom now supports ‘double-up’, letting you combine two for even bigger sound. (If you already have one, just update it.) It’s black – of course – with a fern design, and built big and rugged to suit any occasion. The AB version of the UE Boom costs the same as the others: NZ$299