Review: Logitech Big Bang iPad cases

The Logitech Big Bang case for iPad mini on top of that for the Air
The Logitech Big Bang case for iPad mini on top of that for the Air

I like to look after my iPad and you probably do too. Logitech has recently released iPad cases that offer extra protection. They have a layer of shock-absorbant material, liquid-repellent outers, a shock-rim that protects the edges of your precious tablet and everything is designed for durability.

You might think this would add an appreciable thickness to your iPad and you’d be right, but with, in particular, the iPad mini and even the slimmer,lighter iPad Air, that’s not that much of an issue if you have a busy lifestyle, have kids who use the, or hey, you’re reporting from a  war zone. On their own, these cases are still pretty light compared to, say, leather and I’d say the trade-off is worth it because they exceed the’Military Drop Standard’. (Which military I’m not sure.) Compared to most rugged cases, the Big Bang seems slim, and the protective rim part comes in different colours whereas the main case is only in ‘forged graphite’. The protective rim part either provides access to buttons or has over-buttons (in the case of the volume). This is definitely the case I want for my great little iPad mini with Retina display – that thing goes everywhere.

Best of all, compared to the previous Folio case I was using, the case lets you prop your iPa into one of four angles which is way better for reading stuff at the table – much more flexible. Like the folio, shutting the case sleeps your iPad and opening it wakes it, which is handy.

Logitech impact-resistant, Big Bang protective iPad case, NZ prices TBA, more info at Logitech NZ.