iTunes Festival yours to watch, and more iOS news

The Flir case makes an iPhone into a thermal imaging camera
The Flir case makes an iPhone into a thermal imaging camera

iTunes Festival live in London, watch free in NZ on Apple TV — Apple’s official page is up, so you can see the lineup.

Apple’s iPad reaches 78% North American tablet share as Amazon’s Kindle Fire passes Samsung, Google — iPad is still making gains in North American tablet web usage, reaching a 78% share in Apple’s “first quarter-over-quarter usage share gain since June 2013,” notes a new report by Chitika.

Apple gets patent on iTime smart watch — The US Patent and Trademark Office served up further evidence on Tuesday that Apple is designing a smartwatch when it awarded the company a patent for a wrist-worn gadget with a touchscreen and ability to communicate with a smartphone.
“The invention pertains to an electronic wristwatch,” wrote Apple in the filing for US Patent 8,787,006, which was submitted in July 2011 but made public on Tuesday.

Apple responds to troubling allegations of iOS ‘backdoor’ — Information security has never been a more sensitive subject than it is these days, so it’s little surprise that allegations from a security researcher that iOS contains a ‘backdoor’ permitting access to users’ information provoked a strong response from Apple. Apple Insider’s take is here.

Samsung releases yet another anti-iPhone ad dubbed Screen Envy — Well, you gotta hand it to Samsung – the company sure is persistent. Earlier today the number one purveyor of Android handsets released yet another anti-iPhone ad. As the title implies, the commercial puts down the iPhone for having a much smaller screen than the flagship Galaxy S5 which boasts a 5.1-inch display.

RollWorld lets you create your own little planet on iOS — You may have seen photos with the ‘little’ or ‘tiny’ planet effect. There are quite a few iOS apps that will render this effect for you, but most have a cost associated with them while RollWorld is free and works quite well.

Flir One case turns Apple’s iPhone into a high-end thermal imaging camera — Thermal imaging company Flir has announced that pre-orders for its new One iPhone case (pictured above) which will let outdoorsmen, HVAC contractors, and people who simply like to see how hot things are convert their iPhone 5 or 5s into a thermal camera — will begin Wednesday, with the device coming to Apple retail stores in August.

AMC debuts trailer for The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land mobile game arriving for season 5 — AMC announced today that it will release a new mobile game for The Walking Dead early next year alongside season 5 of the hit TV show. The TV network is teaming up with Next Games to develop the title and today shared the first trailer for the game that it plans to show off at Comic Con International later this month.

Alive Inside film explores power of music to restore memory — Audiences first encounter Henry hunched over in his wheelchair, head down, hands clasped firmly together, unresponsive to the world around him. But headphones with music playing make a huge difference. The film shows how iPods can make a huge difference toAlzheimer’s patients.